Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who's In?

Applications received in the last two weeks: Simply Fun and Open Door Bookstore. When their paperwork is completed, their links will become live and you will be able to browse their inventory. We are very happy to have Iowa businesses at our events.

Open Door Bookstore carries consigned and used books.

Simply Fun carries games for all ages and all subject areas. We understand the business concept to be similar to that of Usborne Books.

Speaking of Usborne Books, if you know Cathy or Julia, you know that we have been challenged in the past with our Usborne Book sellers. Julia has interviewed quite a few reps, and after today thinks that she found "the one." Now if only her paperwork would come in....

Monday, February 25, 2008

We've Got Mail

An application has been received for Simply Fun to appear in Coralville. Julia has a Simply Fun game from a former Des Moines event and has seen her share of Simply Fun games in action at Des Moines' Homeschool Game Days. Our website will have a hyperlink soon so everyone can preview their merchandise.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Buzz

We had many interested parties making phone calls and sending email messages over the last week and a half, but no hardcopy commitments have shown up in our mailbox. We had one vendor apply, but the form was sent without a check, so we have no new vendors as of today.

Vendors, you are welcome to bring your own table(s), but the booth space has a fee. Please read the application form closely. Do not hesitate to call Cathy if you have a question. Her phone number is on the application form.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Two months to go

Julia McGuire
Three Sisters

Three Sisters prepares Home Learning Resources for 2008

West Des Moines, IA Feb. 6, 2008 Three Sisters is preparing to show its Home Learning Resources, a home school sales event, to eastern Iowa on Saturday, April 26, and to Des Moines on Saturday, June 7, 2008.

In eastern Iowa , Home Learning Resources will be held in conjunction with the Eastern Iowa Home School Conference (EIHSC). A complete speaker list, schedule, registration form, and more can be found at
“We see our event as a nice complement to the Eastern Iowa Home School Conference,” says managing partner Cathy Frueh. “It’s a natural fit.”
Founding partner Julia McGuire continues, “We have had only favorable responses from our announcement of an eastern Iowa sales event.”

In Des Moines , Home Learning Resources will be a stand-alone shopping event. Customers will be able to take a bag home with them, which will include a discount coupon from The Learning Post and an educator discount card application form from Borders Books. These two local stores will also contribute door prizes -- The Learning Post will have five $10 gift certificates and Borders will have books for door prizes.
Phone: 515/988-1828