Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fall Stuff Sale

The poll is closed and results show that demand is great enough to hold a Fall Stuff Sale. Work is in progress to book a time and place -- the date will be determined by the booking venue, since the poll pretty much shows a tie between Sept. 5 and 12.

Get the word out to everyone to make this event successful.

Tips for sellers:

1. Start organizing your home school "stuff" now. Educational items only. If in doubt, please send a message and ask us at

2. Price your stuff. And maybe supply shopping bags.

3. Three Sisters rents a hall and tables for parents to sell their things. Table rental is open to anyone, but we reserve the right to turn people away for any reason. (It would have to be a pretty major reason.) Three Sisters offers no other service. See #4.

4. Find a cash box. Buyers deal directly with the sellers. Three Sisters does not offer a coordinated sales point for all sellers. Negotiating can be done at your discretion.

4. Kids needs to be supervised.

5. To rent a table, send a message to When the form is ready, we'll attach it in a message to you. We expect rentals to be $10 per table. You cannot bring your own table. Table size depends on venue. Half tables were available at our April sale and we try to have halves available for Sept.'s sale.

6. We expect you to set up and clean up your own assigned space.

Tips for buyers:

1. Kids need to be supervised.

2. Make a shopping list.

3. Realize that you will deal with individual sellers. All merchandise on one table will need to be paid to the renter of that table. So no grocery carting unpaid goods from multiple tables around the hall.

4. Bring boxes and bags for your finds.

Stayed tuned. An info release should be coming soon. If your support group contact changes and Three Sisters should update its list, please let us know at

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