Monday, September 29, 2008

Speaker news

New topics and speaker info confirmed:

"Science on a Shoestring" and "Crafting Through History," by Mary Lynn Carvour. You may have run into Mary Lynn at a Renaissance Faire over the years. She is a fantastic and natural teacher. She draws on her experience as a teacher to focus on two subjects that parents often wonder about incorporating without wanting to bore their children. Mary Lynn can give a great presentation and we are happy to have her.

"Waldorf Education," by Kristie Karima Burns, ND. Kristie is very knowledgeable in using Waldorf methods. To find out how to use Waldorf methods, Kristie gives quotations from Rudolf Steiner, the originator of Waldorf schools, and uses her life experience as a Waldorf school teacher and writer to encourage parents in using Waldorf methods.

"Doing what is right," by Maureen Stone. Maureen has a lot of experience in standing up for what is right. When her family decided to challenge the State of Iowa to allow her daughter the right to use the Post-Secondary Education Option, she had to be very strong in her conviction to home school. If she could stay the course, so could anyone. Parents will find Maureen very motivational.

"Looking to our future, remembering our past," by Ed Dickerson. Ed was a major figure in forming the current Iowa home school law. He can tell good stories about the old days, and encourage parents to keep on the path as the future unfolds.

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