Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conference video -- Waldorf

We have a video from the conference, as promised, from Kristie Burns. She writes:

I had some glitches in my system the past week so I was unable to get this video online right away. This video is a video I had taken of my lecture/workshop at the Home Learning Resources Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, two weeks ago. I now have the video online for you all to see.

This video is called "Rhythms and Stages in Waldorf Education" and talks about the rhythm of the child, of the day, week, year, month and seasons. It also addresses the needs of the child at each age and what topics they are most suited to studying at that age. I also talk a bit about the "why" behind these subjects.

There is a ten-minute sample (that is the limit at Youtube) at:

On the same page you also have the option of downloading the entire video or signing up for the video webinar in May. There is also a small E-book and some charts (of what your child should be studying at each age ) available with the full download.

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